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         Red Deer Stag -  Click here and Watch his Antlers grow!!!!!!!!!
As Europe Developed, Red Deer were hunted in the dark forests of Europe by the village hunters. In the early ages, Red Deer were farmed by the Romans in large game preserves with stone walls. As kingdoms developed, Kings reserved large tracts of land so deer could be protected and harvested in the fall. Even before the Americas were discovered, Red Deer were an integral part of the European culture, folklore, and cuisine. The folklore of Grimm's Fairy Tales refer to the Hart, or Stag (male), Red Deer in children's stories. The majestic Red Deer is found in England, Ireland, Germany, France, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, and Yugoslavia. 
Male Red Deer, or  "Stags," can grow to a weight of 550 pounds, while the females, or "hinds," Can reach 210 pounds at maturity. The Female red deer have an average expected productive life of 14 years. They begin breeding as yearlings and on the average produce one offspring per year, with an even split between male and female. 
Red deer are pastured in summer with little or no feed supplements, while in winter full feed supplementation is provided